Chaos Jalsa

'Chaos' is an annual inter-college fest organised by IIM Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). We tried to come up with a suffix for the name, and finalised 'Jalsa' which means 'coming together' in the Gujarati language. We first started with doing a study around Ahmedabad, it's street culture and graffiti and came up with a fictional story to define the identity for the event.

This is the story of 5 friends - Mangu, Chimpu, Topee, Pankaj and Chottu. They live in a small slum near a railway line that goes through the middle of the city.

Mangu: loves to dance - the trend setter who worships Govinda, the bollywood star.
Chimpu: sells tickets in black outside movie halls and railway stations.
Topee: post his father's accident, started driving an auto rickshaw and wants to be successful in life.
Pankaj: the philosopher, who has two activities - to think while awake, and to dream while asleep.
Chottu: youngest, talkative, sells tea, and hangs out with the other five.

Mangu saw a hoarding, and wants to go for this most happening event - Chaos - but he is unsure how to get in. Chimpu also gets excited and arranges the tickets through his sources. Then everything is quick. Mangu defines the fashion. Topee provides the transportation. Chottu lags along and Pankaj is dragged along.

Concept, Production Design, Photography: Gauri Tiwari
Research, Photography, Stage Design: Mayank Loonker
Concept, Identity, Visual Language, Print & Web applications: Deekshit Sebastian