Pragati Calendar

A dream project with absolute creative freedom and no budget constraints, the Pragati calendar demanded interpreting values and experimenting with printing techniques.

The project weighed more on exploring ideas. Mixing and matching, questioning and answering; the process involved continuous improvisations and took shape as it moved closer to completion. While every composition had to be abstract enough to intrigue the viewer and retain his/her interest, it also had to direct the audience towards understanding the theme with the aid of quotes and other signifiers.

The brief demanded that the calendar have an Indian flavour, and it also offered an opportunity to understand post-modernism and appreciate various Indian arts and crafts.

Technical skills were challenged by the necessity to work on huge raster and vector files, converting RGB to the required number of channels at pre-press and also by the use of challenging print techniques like printing opaque offset white ink, overprinting on holographic foil stamping, printing on transparent film and even creating lenticular 3D effects.

Client: Pragati Offset
Firm: Lopez Design
Guide: SM Shah, National Institute of Design